Women's Handbags & Shoulder Bags

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The handbag is the essential accessory for all women. He is a companion on a daily basis and contains all the important things. It also helps boost the look. Whether worn by hand, on the back or on the shoulder, it varies according to trends, needs and opportunities.

Which handbag for which occasion?

In the professional setting, it is better to favor a sober and elegant model such as a leather briefcase bag for example. For a chic evening, put on a mini bag or a pocket with a chain to put on the shoulder. Then, for your shopping sprees, opt for a large and practical bag that you can wear over the shoulder. Finally, as part of your sports activities, prefer a bowling bag, practical and lightweight.

How to choose your handbag?

- Bet on a bag with different capacity depending on the occasion: a shopping bag during the day, a bag in the evening.

- Remember that a shoulder strap allows you to carry your bag on the shoulder and therefore leaves your hands free.

- Tailor your bag according to your outfit: a bright color or patterns enhance classic sets.

- Choose multiple storage pockets if you are the type to carry all your personal belongings with you.