Women's Backpack Handbags

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Look and sportiness for women's backpacks

Formerly reserved for hikers, the backpack has since considerably feminized with chic and urban models. Whether leather or canvas, designers compete ingenuity to offer backpacks as functional as elegant. Ideal for young moms, bike enthusiasts and anyone who wants to keep their hands free, the women's backpack is now a must-have item for women's wardrobes.

How to work your style with a woman's backpack?

Casual, chic or sportswear, the women's backpack comes with a lot of creativity. From the traditional rounded shape to the conical design, it is adorned with luminous materials and trendy details. If you like the vintage spirit, you can opt for a soft leather model with patinated effect, while the more romantic will prefer a country version with floral print. For sport sessions, walks in the forest or summer holidays, we will turn instead to colorful canvas backpacks. Finally, if you are looking to cultivate a star look in the evening, a golden mini-backpack or silver will be the most beautiful effect.

How to choose a woman's backpack?

- Make sure that the model is well adapted to the use you reserve for it. For example, we will favor the resistance of the Cordura fabric to delicate leathers for outdoor activities.

- Opt for a wide and comfortable shoulder bag if it is meant to carry heavy things.

- Prefer a zipped closure for quick access to its contents.

- Choose a bag with outside and inside pockets if you are very orderly.