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Watering pumps: providing vital water to the garden

Water is essential to maintain your garden and the watering pump is an essential equipment in summer. Surface or submersible pump, electric or thermal, fixed or mobile: the range of watering pumps is diversified and you will find the model adapted to your needs according to your criteria of choice. With this device, you will be ready to easily use the water of a pond, a pond, a well or a rain collector.

Do the watering pumps only serve to water his garden?

If watering pumps are specially designed and researched to water the garden, some models are particularly suitable for drainage and drainage. They are therefore a useful tool in case of flood, water damage or pipe breakage. An electric garden pump is the ideal equipment for removing unwanted water or emptying your pool, thanks to a powerful 550 watt motor that ensures a maximum flow of 11.5 m3 / hour. Its float switch adjusts the water level. This accessory automatically triggers the pump when the water reaches the set level. Its engine, completely sealed, also guarantees against permanent immersion.

How to choose your watering pump?

- Choose a submerged pump if your water source is located underground, in a well for example: depending on the model, the suction system can draw water up to 7 meters deep. A power you will not need if the water you want to use comes from a river, pond, cistern or just a tap. A surface pump will then be sufficient.

- Choose a thermal watering pump if power is your first choice, especially for large areas. During major floods, electricity is cut off immediately for safety reasons, so that such equipment is in this case very useful.

- Bet on a model whose capacity corresponds to your needs. Whether electric or thermal, the power of a garden pump can range from 600 to 1,400 watts. The water flow generated and the supported surface are proportional to the power of the device: the water can be pumped at a rate of 3,000 to nearly 10,000 liters per hour, and the area covered can be extend from 200 to 1,600 m2.

- Choose a pump specifically designed for suspended body water, when you plan to use it to empty a pool or evacuate a flooded cellar. You can not always achieve the desired pumping with a device for clear water.

- Check the presence of a pump protection system against dry running: if it happens that the motor runs without water, it will not be damaged.

- Invest in a booster set if you want to use water from a rain collector to feed your toilet or washing machine.