Washer Pumps

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The wiper pump is equipped with a starter motor and connected to a special tank inside the car; the water taken from the tank flows out through the nozzles positioned under the windshield wipers or rear window wiper. The windshield wipers therefore, as well as in case of rain, are also very useful for cleaning glass from insects, stains and other substances that can reduce the visibility of the driver.

How to choose the wiper pump

For motoring enthusiasts, replacing the wiper pump is not one of the most impossible operations if you are not completely fast from manual work. Water pumps are generally compatible with multiple vehicle models and are sold in kits complete with tubes, nozzles and tank. There are also washer pumps fitted with headlight washers for vehicles equipped with windshield wipers for headlight glass.

Some pumps are universal and equipped with soft bags as a water tank; they are designed to be mounted on car models not originally designed for the installation of the classic windscreen washer pump, such as vintage cars.

In the case of smaller repairs, the parts of the wiper and rear window wiper can be easily found: starter motors, tanks, nozzle set; in case of breakage or loss even the water plugs can be individually purchased.

In the installation of a new water pump a very useful tool to possess is the nozzle regulator, a long-shaped wrench that allows a quick and easy positioning of the nozzles to correctly direct the water jet.