Towing Ropes

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A towing rope consists of very robust plastic fibers, which are arranged and screwed in several layers parallel to each other. This creates a very high level of stability, allowing you to tow vehicles weighing up to four tonnes. At both ends is a snap hook, which is securely connected to the rope.

Where should the tow rope be fixed?

A tow rope may only be attached to designated points. If your vehicle is equipped with a tow bar, you can put the loop over the coupling head. This is easy and straightforward, and it is allowed. Vehicles that do not have a trailer hitch have an eyelet under the bumper. This is firmly connected to the body and prepared for towing. In the front is also an eyelet mounted under the bumper. For some vehicles, it must be screwed into the appropriate thread before towing. You will find the eyelet in a compartment in the boot. The tow rope is latched into the eyelet with the snap hook.

How to choose a suitable tow rope

- What is the difference between the individual models? Tow ropes differ in material and load that may be pulled. Mostly a weight between three and four tons is allowed. In addition to the rigid ropes made of plastic you get elastic models that contract when they are not under tension. Rigid plastic ropes are used for towing in traffic, elastic ropes are better suited for rough terrain.