Toothbrush Holders

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To store toothbrushes, toothbrush holders make placing them much easier, as they not only serve functional purposes, but also make every bathroom look and feel better. Classic models such as glass cups and fancy shapes provide easy handling and hygienic storage in your bathroom.

What is a toothbrush holder?

The toothbrush holders are used for practical and hygienic storage of toothbrushes in the bathroom. There are different models with different equipment: Some models are specially made for electric toothbrushes, others for normal manual toothbrushes. Depending on the size of several toothbrushes can be juxtaposed without getting in contact with each other.

How to choose the right toothbrush holder?

- What shape do toothbrush holders have? The more different the toothbrushes, the more different the toothbrush holders are. In addition to simple cups, the assortment ranges from round holders to suction cups with rings through which the toothbrush is inserted.

- What materials are the models made of? The models have different materials. Many simple toothbrush holders are made of glass, while fancier forms include plastic and plastic for easy handling and cleaning.

- How to attach toothbrush holders? Simple glass cups can be conveniently placed on the shelf above the sink in the bathroom, while other models are attached to the wall with suction cups. Plastic stand-up models provide flexibility and easy transportation. Metal models are very sturdy and also very easy to mount: keep your toothbrushes neat and hygienic.