Toilet Brushes & Holders

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The brush and the brush holder are two increasingly creative elements. For this reason, spare brushes are now sold, in addition to the classic brushes. The cleaning done with them is daily and uses aggressive products; that's why they must be especially resistant.

How to choose a toilet brush?

- The quality of the part of the head or brush is basic. It must be made of a resistant material that does not deteriorate easily. The bristles must be well fixed so that they do not come loose. Because the brush is used with aggressive cleaning products.

- The design becomes increasingly relevant when choosing the brush holder. In many cases the bathroom accessories (soap dishes, brush kit and toothbrush glass) come in a single set. Make sure the complete kit is of the proper quality.

- If you have animals or small children, choose a brush holder in which the brush also serves as a lid, to avoid accidents.