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Your tennis net to train and have fun

Tennis is a passion but to live it, as you know, you need to have the necessary equipment that also includes the tennis net. This article is available in specific types for regulatory fields and others suitable for entertainment. Do not miss the badminton nets for indoors and outdoors, those for the moments of your children and accessories like the regulator of the network.

How to mount a tennis net

The assembly depends on the type of tennis net. In the playgrounds, they must be fixed to the existing plant, but there are also several networks with metal structures complete with accessories and poles, whose assembly is always very simple. The presence of snap joints of some items also allows the movement of tennis nets without having to disassemble them.

How to choose the tennis net

- For a tournament choose a 5 mm tennis net, but if you only want to have fun with your friends, a thickness of 2-3 mm is sufficient. In addition, with the regulator, you can set the height- Remember that an outdoor network must be UV-resistant so as not to deteriorate- You can use the mini-badminton net also for volleyball but, in this case, the net , specific for rackets and badminton, must be able to withstand the beating - The beach tennis net allows you to play on the beach with rackets while the ping-pong table is perfect for table tennis