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Grow and have fun on the swings

Thanks to the swings it is also possible to transform a small garden into a fun playground. There are two main types: swing with oscillating mechanism and tilting, with two ends and a central fulcrum that allows children to go up and down alternately. They can be made of sturdy wood or enamelled metal, some are single, others double and others modules, or offer the possibility of adding accessories such as slides and climbing walls.

From what age is it possible to get on the swings?

There are garden swings for every age group and weight. Special safety seats are available for babies, with padded edges and traction rings to gently accompany their movements. They can be made of plastic or wood and are equipped with sturdy and adjustable ropes. From the "cage" you then go to the saddle for older children: in addition to the classic axis there are also disc and nest seats.

How to choose a swing?

- Study the space to be dedicated to games. The double swings and modules are more voluminous than those to hang on the tree

- Choose the appropriate material. The wood is solid and reliable, but also very heavy: once positioned it will be difficult to move it. Plastic swings are lighter, but they are easy to clean and do not need frequent maintenance

- Evaluate its use over time. The more robust swings are able to support greater weight and replacing the seat grow with the children