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Surveillance cameras: stay tuned for everything that happens in your home or business

Surveillance cameras are very interesting security devices in a wide variety of situations. In particular, what they do is to record, in a disguised way, everything that happens in a certain space so that, later, it can be viewed by the owner. Also, some of them also retransmit live, which provides the possibility of conducting an exhaustive control of a situation in real time. In fact, the latter leave aside the task of removing thieves and malicious people and focus, in many cases, on the care of babies, elderly or people with mobility problems of any kind.

What do I need to install surveillance cameras? What are IP surveillance cameras?

The truth is that, fundamentally, it depends on the type and space in which you want to place them. For example, if your purpose is to monitor a space and that everyone who passes through it knows of the existence of the device, it is best to place it on the wall or on the ceiling. In this sense, you will only need to make some holes with a drill on the surface and, later, hook the base with some screws. On the other hand, some models are designed to stand on a table or a shelf, so they do not require a complicated installation. Finally, it is also necessary to mention those surveillance cameras that have been designed to go unnoticed and that should be placed in a hidden corner.

IP surveillance cameras are advanced technological products that, thanks to an internet connection via WiFi, are able to send, in real time, the images they are recording to a computer or a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. This offers the possibility of knowing exactly what is happening in a specific space at a specific moment by simply activating an application. They also store the recorded in SD cards or, failing that, in systems located in the cloud.

How to choose surveillance cameras?

- Analyze the space and the use that you are going to give it. In this way, it will cost you much less to determine if what is best for you is a wall, standing, IP, etc.

- Check the format of the images. Usually, in the technical information of these cameras, the resolution of the images they record appears, which is of vital importance. And, if you need sharpness, you should try to choose a model that records under the HD standard or higher.

- Internal or external storage? There are cameras that have space to install an SD card inside to record the images. If this is not the case or, failing that, you prefer to record the 24 hours and, therefore, require more memory, choose one that stores the images on an external hard drive.

- Verify its impermeability in exteriors. If the camera you set out to buy is going to develop its functions in outdoor spaces, make sure it is waterproof. And it is that, if not, it is very possible that it will break down as soon as the rain falls on it.