Steam Mops

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The steam mop is a light and handy appliance that allows you to eliminate stubborn dirt and disinfect surfaces.

It is important to underline that, unlike the vacuum cleaner and the most modern electric brooms, steam scrubbers do not allow the suction of dust, but rather use the action of steam to sanitize, eliminating bacteria, microbes, germs, mites, molds and encrustations. This feature makes them ideal for domestic environments, especially in the presence of small children and if you suffer from allergies to mites or dust.

Very different from the electric broom, equipped with a bag or a tank to collect dirt, the steam broom is equipped with a tank to pour the water that will serve for the formation of a powerful jet of steam necessary for cleaning.

Being designed to ensure the hygiene of the environment and not to remove dust and residues, before using it is essential to thoroughly sweep the floor and all surfaces on which you intend to act. In this way it will be possible to fully exploit its potential, without risking to create a blackish mush which would then be difficult to remove.

The advantages of steam mop

The operation of the steam mop is very simple: after filling the water tank, it waits for it to heat up (which may take more or less time depending on the model of appliance and the temperature you want to reach) and then, using the appropriate button, the steam jet is directed to the area to be cleaned.

Almost all floor cleaners are equipped with the steam regulator because delicate surfaces such as parquet or carpets require less power, while hard surfaces such as marble and tile floors require more power to achieve optimal results.

The plate from which the steam comes out is generally rectangular, but there are also numerous models of triangular shape that allow you to more easily reach the corners where the most stubborn dirt is hidden.

On the plate you should apply a cloth that should be chosen according to the type of surface that you want to sanitize: commonly in microfiber, are rough cloths, delicate cloths for cleaning the bathroom, polishing cloths, or even cloths with the sponge incorporated for the cleaning of glass and mirrors.

The variety of accessories you can use, therefore allows you to use the steam mop on many types of surfaces such as carpets, curtains, sofas, windows or car interiors.

Another advantage of the steam mop is that it does not require any detergent. However, if you do not want to give up the clean smell of floor soap, you can opt for one of the latest models, provided with a special compartment where you can insert cartridges with the fragrance you prefer.

The various models of steam scrubbers

To buy the steam mop that best suits your needs, it is essential to consider the different functions of these appliances.

Most models are equipped with a button to activate the steam jet, positioned on the handle of the broom. The most advanced scrubbers, however, do not have any switch and the steam escapes with the simple movement of the handle. This innovation is extremely practical, however it is essential to remember that steam only effectively wipes when released at a pressure of between 3 and 5 bar. It is therefore not recommended to purchase models that guarantee these services.

The steam brooms also allow temperature regulation. In order to be able to sterilize in depth, the steam must exceed 120 degrees since only when this temperature is reached is it really able to neutralize the static load and make sure that the dirt is detached from any surface.

In addition to the power and temperature of the steam jet, before choosing a specific model, it is advisable to pay attention to the presence of the anti-limestone filter. In the absence of this precaution, you must always use distilled water in order not to compromise the conditions of your steam broom.