Smoke Alarms

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Smoke detectors are a fundamental accessory for the fire detection system because they can detect, by means of sensors, the presence of fumes or fires inside buildings and homes, signaling the alarm with strong acoustic signals. Some of these devices are also able to communicate, with different modes, with a fire alarm control unit.

Smoke detection systems in the form of electronic equipment are easy to install and come in different models to ensure safety in different sized environments.

How to choose smoke detectors

The various fire detection systems mainly exploit sensors that can sense the heat or smoke in a room and are powered by batteries with a duration established in years.

For use in the industrial sector, commercial activities and facilities or public bodies it is advisable to set up a series of smoke detectors and fire alarms in each room and connect them to a control unit able to signal the danger.

Gas detectors, on the other hand, are very useful in the kitchens of canteens, restaurants and homes and in any environment exposed to the use of this substance to prevent possible explosions due to leakage of methane, butane or propane gas.

In most European countries, smoke detectors are mandatory and disposed of standard connections, equal in all systems, designed to solicit the intervention of external rescuers or firefighters. These devices are also requested by insurance companies that establish the specific design and maintenance techniques, so that the systems are efficient and the insurance covers any damage caused by fire.

A constant cleaning and control of smoke detectors by opening (in some cases facilitated by the model) and use of cloths and products that do not damage sensors and sound boxes are recommended periodically and, in the case of large buildings or doubts, it is better to use help from specialized personnel.