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A delicious lunch, a snack or a quick dinner can be wonderfully prepared with a sandwich maker, also called sandwich maker or sandwich maker. Since 1974 there are the practical devices on the market.

The sandwich toaster is similar to a waffle iron: The preheated unit unfolds and two slices of white bread, which you fill with the ingredients of your choice and then folded, are grilled for a few minutes. The heating surfaces are shaped so that the sandwiches are automatically halved diagonally. Often there is already a coating, so that the toast does not stick; but for safety, you can rub the surface with oil or butter.

Variants of the sandwich maker

The synonym Sandwichtoaster often refers to both the sandwich maker and the sandwich grill. The two devices are very similar, but also have smaller differences.

The sandwich grill is slightly larger and is often used in the catering industry. He is a table grill, which can also prepare grilled sandwiches as Kombigerät. The sandwich grills do not bisect the sandwiches diagonally, but give them a typical grill pattern. Sandwich grills are made of high quality stainless steel and often have adjustable degrees of browning, so you can brown your sandwich as you like.

Sandwich toasters are the cheaper and more compact purchase. Their housing is often made of heat-resistant plastic, depending on the processing, the price may vary. However, it is much lower than the sandwich grill. Another advantage is that the edges of the sandwiches are automatically toasted together, so that the filling can not run out. This is usually not the case with barbecues.

How do I properly care for the sandwich maker?

Both sandwich grill and sandwich toaster must be properly cared for, so you have a bit of it.

Sandwich grills and more expensive sandwich toaster models have the advantage that the plates can be removed and thus easier to clean. Often they are also dishwasher safe. Before cleaning, be sure to wait until the unit has completely cooled down.

If the panels do not come out, be sure to unplug them before cleaning the sandwich maker. To avoid heavy soiling, it is advisable to wipe the toaster with a kitchen towel after each use. For a more thorough cleaning, you will first rid the sandwich maker of crumbs and bread leftovers. Then you can wipe it off with lukewarm water and a little detergent.

Important for the use of both sandwich grill and sandwich toaster: Do not use knives or wire sponges to remove stubborn dirt! This scratched the coating of the heating surfaces. Even removing the finished sandwiches with a fork can attack the coating. If burnt-in food particles really can not be removed, leave the detergent to work for a little longer or use more concentrated dishwashing liquid.

Sweet or savory: the best recipes for the sandwich maker

The selection of the topping of your sandwich is endless. Each taste combination can be designed according to your own preference. Here are just a few ideas for you.

• The classic: cheese and ham

Always popular again is the combination of cheese and ham. It is best to use processed cheese here so that it can flow well. Optionally, add fresh tomatoes, brush the slices of white bread with tomato paste, or add a pineapple toast with the addition of pineapple.

• The fishy variant: tuna

Of course you can take any kind of fish you want. However, the combination of tuna with corn is very popular, even in combination with tomato pieces. Optionally, this variant can still be covered with grated or sliced ​​cheese.

• As a sweet dessert: chocolate

If you prefer it sweet, you can spread your sandwiches with Nutella or chocolate sprinkles on it. Both melts under the heat of the sandwich maker and is the perfect bedside table. Also delicious in combination with bananas!