Remote Controlled Boats

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In addition to the well-known cars and planes by remote control, there is another category of remote-controlled vehicles that can be even more entertaining than the other two. We talk about the remote-controlled boats, items that can delight the fans of naval engineering, radio control and speed.

What kind of radio control boats can I find?

The world of radio-controlled nautical piloting is much more extensive and complex than many imagine. Although there are several different models of boats, here we will mention the best known:

• Catamarans: They stand out for their stability, since they have a wider and flatter hull than other models. Thanks to this, they are very easy to handle.

• Deep-V Boats: Its hull with a fine and pointed finish makes this model very resistant to the impact of waves and gives it a lot of speed.

• Underwater propeller ships: This model ship is propelled by propellers located under water, which gives them a great boost.

• Historical reproductions: These models shine more for their aesthetics than for their speed. These are small-scale reproductions of renowned vessels, and are more expensive and difficult to find than other models.

Can I buy another type of remote-controlled nautical craft?

Other models of radio controlled boat that we can find are the RC boats, fast and agile; the radio-controlled sailboats, fun and elegant; or the RC submarines, which offer us the possibility of sailing underwater.