Popcorn Poppers

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To conquer children with one of their favorite foods or to enjoy a movie, just like you would at the cinema, give yourself a practical pop-corn machine. Choose it discreet and minimal or with a particular and elaborate design. So, in addition to the papillae, will be able to delight even the eyes.

How to use the pop-corn machine

With the popcorn machine you can cook hot corn, with much better results than those obtained with the classic pans. Using it is really very simple, whether it is home appliances, whether you have to deal with professional ones. In fact, for both of you, just insert the appropriate quantity of beans and any seasoning fats in the appropriate pot or container, after which, once the lid is closed and the appliance is switched on, you will simply have to wait for the corn to rise towards the high, producing the famous crackling. Once the process is finished, the popcorn will end up in a binder or on the bottom of a transparent cage. At this point, you can add salt and, if you have not already done so, the butter, to be dosed at will or replace with oil, for a light and healthy recipe.

How to choose the popcorn machine

- Consider preparation time and performance and, if you are looking for a professional appliance, go to products that produce several kilos of popcorn per hour - Evaluate dimensions, opting for compact appliances if you do not have much space - Do not neglect design: retro models will bring a touch of originality in the kitchen and those inspired by cartoons will drive children crazy - To ensure savings and convenience, check wattage and cleaning system- If you prefer, head to the convenient microwave containers