Panel Curtains

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The panel curtains are the ideal element to furnish a room in a functional and decorative way. The curtains give a touch of color to any environment, filter the light in the most desired way and guarantee a little privacy from the curious eyes of neighbors and passers-by. They can be used both as curtains for doors and windows, and as dividers to reorganize the spaces in a room.

The panel curtains, unlike other types of curtains, can be oriented at will, closing them completely to eliminate light, or partially, tilting them in the desired way.

How to choose a panel curtain

There are various models of panel curtains, suitable for adjusting the light in any room of the house. In fact, you can choose between blackout curtains, which completely eliminate the light and curtains that let in enough light to illuminate the room. In both cases, there are curtains in various colors and patterns, suitable for creating a lively or elegant atmosphere.

The panels can be of variable lengths and widths, which easily adapt to any environment.

How to mount panel curtains

To fit a panel curtain it is necessary to measure the window, to calculate exactly the length of the track to be applied and the number of panels needed. Once the track is hooked over the window, the inserts that will support the panels must be inserted. By connecting all the panels with each other, by means of special hooks, it will be possible to orient them and make them slide at the same time.