Motorbike Instruments

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Items for motorcycle instrumentation are as important as engine parts, since they allow you to monitor the correct operation of the vehicle and record any malfunctions.

Some instrumentation accessories are supplied with vehicles such as the tachometer or speedometer, but vehicles can also be equipped with external devices with additional functions such as motorcycle watches.

Components of motorcycle instrumentation

Indispensable for the correct driving of two wheels is the presence of a speedometer that indicates the speed at which you are going. In case of breakdown, tachometers and rev counter supplied on scooters or motorcycles can easily be purchased and replaced. The speedometer or tachometer can also be replaced with a different one from the original one to customize the bike and for example to equip the vehicle with a led display. There are also tachometers that do not require any installation on the bike but are easily applied to the handlebar and can be compatible with any type of two or four-wheel vehicle.

Water and oil temperature indicators are a delicate and important part of the instrumentation, since they inform about any overheating that can seriously damage the engine or affect the vehicle's performance.

Another essential tool is the strip for the oil measurement level that allows you to check if the oil quantity is at the optimal levels. Fuel level indicators are also available, which can be purchased in sets with a system complete with switch and float or even in single pieces for smaller repairs.