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Every traffic vehicle needs it: the turn signal. He is immensely important for the fluid and safe course of road traffic. Even with motorcycles, it is important that it works well. LED turn signals are particularly modern these days. They offer a lot of scope in the design and upgrade of the motorcycle according to your own wishes. But beware: If you want to replace your turn signals yourself, it must adhere to some TÜV regulations. Make sure you pay attention to the codes and test marks when buying.

The advantages of LED turn signals

Any motorcycle that has a 12-volt DC power supply can be equipped with LED turn signals. They have a low power consumption, which relieves the electrical system, and very thin, small cables, which are cost and weight saving. The lifetime is immensely high in comparison; Here, too, saves costs and also frequent replacement. In addition, LEDs can be designed and varied according to your own wishes. Its luminosity is very high, with the loss of heat being very low.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

In addition to the TÜV regulations, which are generally to be considered when installing turn signals, you should also pay attention to a few other things.

For example, on the energy supply. For example, if your previous turn signals had a total power of 42 watts and are now being throttled down to just three watts by the energy-saving LED lamps, this can overwhelm the electrical system. The simple solution is the installation of an LED turn signal resistor. Alternatively one can use a load-independent relay. If appropriate, this should be better taken on by a person skilled in the art.

It is possible to buy complete turn signals or individual light emitting diodes. Although the life of a LED lamp is really long, it usually pays off to replace the entire turn signal, should it ever come to a failure.