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The first real mirrors were made in the fourteenth century in Venice using glass, polished crystal plates, tin and mercury sheets; precisely because of the refinement of manufacture they were considered luxury items.

Mirrors are part of the overall furnishing of the house as they improve its aesthetics and increase its brightness.

The wall mirrors, when inserted into a room of the house correctly, even manage to give the optical impression that the room is bigger. Depending on the type of environment and style you want to create, there are various types of mirrors, with different shapes, materials and colors.

How to choose the mirror for every environment

To choose the most suitable mirror for each room, it is necessary to take into consideration the structural characteristics of the room and the function it will perform.

As for the entrance, the mirror usually has the function of giving more light to the space and allows it to be mirrored before going out. It is therefore advisable to opt for vertical or horizontal mirrors that lengthen the perception of the wall; the horizontal mirrors will also have a greater decorative function if placed on a shelf or a piece of furniture.

In larger rooms, such as the living room, the mirror is usually chosen as a piece of furniture that enhances the overall aesthetics. Depending on the style, you can therefore opt for sinuous and original or more traditional forms, of more or less large dimensions and with embellished frames.

In the bedrooms the mirrors have instead a function both practical and decorative, so you can opt for both vertical and horizontal shapes.

As for the bathroom, the mirrors have a purely practical function; it is advisable to pay attention to the size of the room and to choose the correct lights.

For small spaces it is also advisable to select mirrors without frames, since the frame could weigh on the environment. It is also important to consider how the light reflects on the mirror to choose the right position.

You can also buy mirrors from the floor and table. More practical to mirror closely and in detail.

How to select and illuminate the bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirrors, often of standard shapes (round, rectangular or square) are usually placed centrally with respect to the sink. The shape will depend on the overall style of the room; rectangular mirrors are suitable for any style, while square ones are more suitable for perfectly square walls.

Once you have selected the mirror that is proportionate to the size of the room, it is also necessary to position it so as to make the most of the natural light of the day. But it must also be taken into consideration how the mirror will react to artificial lighting: the ideal solution is one in which artificial lighting will support the natural one and, during the night, it will replace it uniformly.

For small mirrors it will be sufficient to apply a central lamp, while for medium-sized ones it will be necessary to position two light points at the two opposite ends or along the two opposite sides. In this case, the directional spotlights represent the most effective solution.

For larger mirrors it is important to ensure that the lighting is uniform and uniform, even by installing a series of lights along the entire perimeter of the mirror. It is advisable to pay attention to the position of the lights, so as not to risk creating a reflection on the mirror itself and that the light is too powerful.

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