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A good sleep has a direct and not negligible impact on the state of health, the over-mattress is inevitably a must-have accessory for a good night's sleep.

Why buy a mattress?

- The over-mattress an asset in terms of comfort for the mattress: It allows to soften a mattress too firm and give it a soft appearance. For couples who do not have the same weight, the over-mattress makes it possible to erase the differences on the mattress, because a person with a high weight will need a much more robust mattress and a very firm support, this which can be problematic for smaller templates.

- The over-mattress helps relieve those with a back problem: We can consider using the mattress for therapeutic purposes. The over-mattress makes it possible to fill the gaps between the body and the mattress and to limit tension and bad back arching.

- The over-mattress improves blood circulation: Unlike the traditional mattress that can cause a poor distribution of body weight and poor circulation of blood, with the risk of causing numbness. The over-mattress makes it possible to distribute the weight optimally and results in a better circulation and avoids frequent changes of position at night.

- The mattress allows a better mattress conservation: It protects the mattress from the humidity of the human body, during the nights of sleep, because the human body produces about ½ liter of liquid in the form of perspiration. Thus, the over-mattress is a significant asset in extending the life of the mattress and protects the mattress shocks.

How to choose an over-mattress?

The choice of the material of the mattress: Several criteria are to be taken to choose the ideal mattress, at first it will be necessary to choose the right material as the density of foam, which must be high in order to support the body ( it will be necessary to opt for a density greater than or equal to 40 kg / m³).

The choice of a foam mattress or memory foam mattress has the advantage of adapting to the curves of the body and limit back pain for people with back problems. To know that the synthetic mattresses will adapt for the zones or the temperatures are high the summer, they are indeed more fresh in summer season while the mattress in natural materials will be much more comfortable.

Another aspect to take into account in the choice of over-mattress and size that should not exceed 4 cm thick, thus preventing the body from sinking during nights of sleep.

The different models of mattresses There are different models, like the mattress in goose and duck feathers that bring comfort and warmth made of natural materials. The cotton mattress pad will adapt to winter and summer temperatures, while the latex mattress pad will be suitable for people with back pain thanks to its soft appearance. The bamboo mattress is natural and ecological and preserves the freshness and the over-memory mattress is designed to reduce muscle tension and finally the thermal mattress provides air conditioning of the bed, warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to its operation with electricity.

The price of the mattress depends on the choice of models, the synthetic over-mattress costs about 25 euros, while the luxury mattress overlay of natural materials cost 300 euros. In general, the price range is between 60 to 100 euros on average.