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Longbow for traditional archery

A long bow is a rod-shaped bow that was used 10,000 years ago. Often longbows are made of yew or elm wood. They are ideally as tall as the shooter. It is crucial that the bowstring touches the bow only at the tendon suspensions.

Which arrows are suitable for a longbow?

Arrows made of carbon or wood such as cedar or spruce are ideal for a longbow. The length, weight and stability of the arrows depend on the length and draw weight of the longbow. Beginners should resort to stable arrows that forgive misses. Who wants to make it easy at the beginning, can buy a set of longbow and arrows.

How to choose the right longbow?

- Which longbows are suitable for children? It depends mainly on the height, because the arc should be about the same size. As children grow fast, you can also fall back on cheaper models. However, children should start archery at the age of 10 at the earliest.

- Which longbow is optimal for women? Since women usually have less strength than men, care should be taken that the train weight is not too high. Otherwise, the shooter gets tired in training too fast.

- Can beginners already buy high-pullout sheets? Again, this is not recommended. The muscles have to be built up over years. Untrained men should be with a draw weight of 20 lbs., Women with 15 lbs. start.