Indoor Plants

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The plants and flowers are perfect for decorating and completing the furnishing of your home and offer many different solutions, each suitable for each individual room. They allow you to furnish without spending excessive amounts, give brightness to the rooms and purify the air of the living room, kitchen and bathroom without too much clutter. Creating an indoor garden with decorative plants or aromatic herbs is easy, healthy and pleasant.

How to take care of indoor plants and keep them longer?

In order to take care of the plants in the home, three parameters must be kept in mind: water, light and temperature, which must be studied especially in the case of bonsai, orchids, flowers, ferns and carnivorous plants. The water needed depends on the type, generally specified in the card included in the package at the time of purchase. Generally it is good to water at least once a week without leaving the soil too wet and without excessive stagnation in the saucer. A useful tip in this case is to water when the earth is dry and use an earthenware pot that holds more water. The plant must be placed in a spot that is as bright as, for example, near a window or in front of a window. Even artificial light can help in case of dark corners. The important thing is never to expose it to direct sunlight, because it could burn the leaves in any season. In addition, over time, dust could be deposited that prevents the passage of light, so the leaves should be dusted occasionally, at least once a month.

In the case of sunny corners, you can use the Yucca or the small trunk of happiness, the decorative Dracaena or Zamia. For shaded spots, the calatea, an evergreen plant, or the Boston fern, is fine, but has a consistent growth.

For temperature it is important to avoid excessive heat or cold, avoiding that the air gets too dry. It is advisable to spray water onto the leaves from time to time to maintain proper hydration.

How to choose houseplants?

- First consider the style of your home. In the case of environments with ethnic furnishings, a bonsai or a colorful orchid may be suitable. For country environments plants with many leaves are indicated which adorn and make each room more colorful. It will seem like having a real garden at home

- Let yourself be guided by your aesthetic sense. If you like colorful flowers you can choose plants with long blooms that don't take into account the seasons, like begonia or clivia. You will always have your flowery corner

- Decide according to the space to be furnished: for large corners you can opt for the luxuriant coffee plant or the American bread plant, while for small rooms it is better to focus on solutions of larger dimensions such as the cyclamen or the sanseveria

- Choose on the basis of the necessary care and your time availability. If you can constantly provide for your "apartment garden" then you can orient yourself on delicate types such as bonsai that require frequent intervention; if, on the other hand, you can't deal with it very often, resistant plants like ferns that should be watered regularly but not every day and look good everywhere, even in dark corners, will do.