Hydration Packs

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When you make long outings of MTB, hiking, trail or running, you discover that a hydration pack is an accessory of first importance in your kit. They have a container for liquids that allows you to drink as many times as you need. Some versions of hydration backpack give you space to integrate elements such as a thermal blanket, a bottle with additional liquid, energy bars and others. For short outings, you can opt for a lightweight fanny belt with a bottle, and if you go for a short walk, also leave the walking sticks at home.

How to use a hydration pack?

A hydration pack contains a bladder or water bottle connected to a suction tube and allows you to drink while in motion. Wash the container and tube thoroughly before using them. The suction tube has a lever that allows water to flow when you want to drink and that does not come out at inopportune times. The hydration pack or, where appropriate, the hydration belt or waistcoat should always be securely fastened to your body, to avoid chafing and minimize its weight.

How to choose a hydration pack?

- If you want to use your hydration pack just to hydrate, choose a model with a capacity between 1.5 and 3 liters.

- In case you want to transport other items, your hydration pack should offer a capacity of about 5 liters.

- When you carry with you keys, documents and other small objects, your hydration backpack model should have auxiliary pockets to have everything in order.

- If you plan to leave in bad weather, choose your hydration pack among the waterproof models.