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The locker is a piece of furniture that you just can not do without. It is a must-have purchase, which should not be missing on any shopping list, because you can stash all sorts of things in a cloakroom locker or even hide it. Shoes, coats, clothing, guardians and everything you need or do not need to live in a locker room. For this reason, the popular pieces of furniture are taken under closer scrutiny by us.

What is important before you buy

If you want to cook a recipe, think about what you need in advance. Which food do I need? Which one can I replace? And, how much do I need? So you not only save time, you can also save money. The wardrobe also works on the same principle. Because before you go shopping for furniture, you should first of all ask yourself what you would like to stow in the wardrobe. Jackets and coats? Or, like all her summer outfits? Depending on how you use it, you can decide how wide, deep, large or small the locker should be.

Where are lockers used?

Wardrobes are practical because they often have plenty of storage space and transform a messy living space into a decent living space, at least one hopes this as a family. Clothes lockers are therefore especially popular in floorboards, hallways or directly on the front door, where one is often killed by jackets, - hats - and shoe chaos. Depending on room size and layout, manufacturers offer a range of designs; Wardrobes - and complete sets for spacious corridors, wall-mounted wardrobes for narrow corridors or cloakroom solutions, for those whose corridors are particularly narrow and small. In the bedroom, where there is often more space, there are a variety of spacious lockers, which can accommodate the whole family.

Buying a locker can make you dizzy, because the practical pieces of furniture are available in all conceivable versions. Large, small, wide or narrow, so that the right locker for every living area can be found. But also the style and the color combinations are no limits, whether as plain or multicolored piece of furniture, with or without mirrors, manufacturers make sure that there really is something for everyone.

In what style are there cloakrooms for sale?

Tastes are different and manufacturers have quickly figured that out. And, that 'sa good thing, because in the meantime there are wardrobe cabinets in different styles and designs that will fit any hallway, hallway or bedroom. These include modern-style lockers, which often include white lockers made of oak, for example. In matt or as a glossy surface, they give the room an elegant look that you can combine well with other pieces of furniture. Since white furniture has been in vogue for a few years, they are also relatively affordable to get hold of. One of our newest styles is Skani Design and Industrial Look. Skandi designs are modern, simple, but a visual eye-catcher. They have a clear design language that reflects minimalism the Scandinavian lifestyle. A wardrobe in the Skandi design is a perfect complement to other furniture, as it creates an inviting and friendly room atmosphere. Opposite him stands the Industrial Look, which is a combination of classic wood elements and metal. These types of lockers are often made of sturdy wood such as acacia wood and therefore fit better in larger spaces. Since currently both styles are very trendy, this is also reflected in their price. If you do not want to be trendy, but do not want to miss out on the timeless wood style, you can opt for lockers made of natural wood. These are available from core beech and acacia wood, because they are insensitive and extremely durable. So if you are looking for a locker that should last for longer, you can not go wrong with a natural wood product.