H4 Incandescent Bulbs

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The light of your motorcycle can save your life on the road. Good lighting will prevent you from any obstacle ahead when darkness or fog has taken the road. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right bulbs for your vehicle, and that they ensure good visibility on the road.

What should I keep in mind when buying H4 bulbs?

• Cooling: Incandescent bulbs provide a lot of light, but they also get very hot. The ideal is to acquire ones that have a good cooling system to prevent excess heat from spoiling them.

• Compatibility: Before making the purchase, check the type of lamp used by your vehicle to acquire the appropriate model.

• Luminosity: Make sure that the H4 bulbs you purchase emit enough light to properly illuminate the road.

The new life of incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs have been used in automotive since the early twentieth century. With the arrival of new technologies in lighting, such as halogen or LED bulbs, the lamps that had dispelled the darkness of the roads for decades began to be relegated to the background.

However, the innovations that once condemned them to abandonment have given them a second chance. Recent research has managed to improve the design of incandescent light bulbs to avoid that, as was traditionally occurring, emit more heat than light. For this, they have increased the emitting surface with a crushed filament, and have created a cover for it that allows visible light but not heat waves, so the filament heats up even more and produces up to three times more light.