Dumbbell Bars

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Dumbbell bars - comfortable strength training also at home

The glorious tradition of strength exercises with dumbbells goes back to antiquity and is several millennia old. At that time, not only athletes, but also sports-oriented contemporaries increased their strength and performance with dumbbells. This trend enjoys a new popularity today, as more and more people want to become fit and strong with the use of simple but reliable equipment. Especially the dumbbell sets with poles are ideal for a comprehensive training, because here you can choose the weights flexibly and individually depending on the desired intensity.

Which length should a barbell have?

The range of barbells is huge. The products differ fundamentally in terms of shape, length and features. The length can vary between 120 cm to 220 cm. A 120 to 130 cm long pole is just for beginners more than adequate. Most ordinary exercises are possible without restriction. With more weight, however, the handling of a rod of this length is considerably more difficult. At 160 cm to 180 cm in length you come into the field of competitive sports. Here heavier weights are possible. And with a longer pole, you can do very specific exercises that require a wider grip. A 220 cm long pole, however, is only suitable for absolutely professional use.

How to choose the right barbell bar?

- The length of the bar is crucial for the intensity and severity of the exercises.

- Through modern and innovative closure techniques a much faster change of weights is possible, which is important for a more intensive training.

- Care should also be taken to ensure the quality and characteristics of the weight discs. These are available in different versions made of plastic or metal.