Camp Stoves

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Camping stoves have a long tradition. They take the user back to the origins of life, when people lived in harmony with nature. Regardless of a power outlet, camping gas cookers can be used wherever cooking is fun. On a camping holiday and on extended tent tours, they are indispensable.

How does a camping stove work?

A gas cooker for camping has one to three flames. Similar to the domestic stove, there are controls that adjust the size of the flame. Modern camping gas cookers work with gas cartridges that are connected to the cooker. The stoves are small and light. They are suitable for tent holidays or for hiking tours. The gas cartridges can be purchased as accessories. When you buy the camping stove, up to twelve cartridges are included in the package, so it is ready to use. Alternatively, camp stoves are equipped with a pressure valve and a pipe. To the pressure valve, a gas cylinder is connected. Switching on is done by pressing the controller. At the cooking gas escapes, which is ignited by stopping an open flame from a lighter or from a match.

How to choose a suitable camping gas cooker?

- How many people travel? Gas cookers with multiple flames are suitable for families or larger groups of people.

- How much space do you have for transport? Gas cookers with gas cartridges are much more space-saving to transport than gas cookers, which are connected to a gas cylinder.