Boxing Bag Gloves

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Bag gloves are special accessories designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and protection of a boxer's fists during training. In boxing are used various types of gloves for real combat or for training with a sparring partner. Also in the various combat disciplines (MMA, Karate, kickboxing) different types of hand protection are used. The bag gloves, also called "glove" in boxing jargon, have the advantage of being able to be used in any discipline is this type of training.

How to choose and use bag gloves

Bag gloves are distinguished from combat gloves or sparring partners for their shape and weight. Unlike other types, they do not cover the thumb, as this finger never comes into contact with the target to hit, the bag. They also have a flat and hard shape, and not rounded, in the part with which you hit: this shape is designed to make the boxer feel better impact with the bag, so that errors in setting the shot and coordination can be identified and correct.

As a consequence of the lower padding, the bag gloves are lighter and weigh on average between 6 and 8 oz (i.e. ounces, the standard unit of measure for boxing gloves). At the same time, however, due to the greater hardness on the knuckles and phalanges, they are more resistant.

Moreover, unlike the other gloves, the gloves do not have a single size but you have to choose carefully the most suitable measure for your hands.

It is very important to listen to your feelings when using these protections: if you feel pain in the hands it is advisable to use more padded models. It should however be remembered that in this type of training the shots should never be over loaded.