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Flowers are among the oldest ornaments in history, always used to adorn houses and homes or in garlands for body and hair.

A bouquet of flowers is also a welcome gift, for every occasion: it allows you to amaze the recipient of the gesture with colors and scents and helps to give vitality to an environment.

The different types of flowers are also useful to express different meanings and metaphors, which adapt to the different occasions to be celebrated; they also have the ability to release pleasing aromas and fragrances and, when placed at home, serve as a natural deodorant for the environment.

Fresh flowers and fake flowers

You can buy bouquets and bouquets with fresh flowers of different types or colorful bouquets with a single type of flower such as roses and tulips; there are also bouquets for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays with matching bands and cockades.

Another wonderful gift idea is the floral compositions to decorate the houses, available in glass jars of different shapes and ideal as an ornament. There are also compositions of dried flowers often enriched with essential oils with which to fill display bowls, which give a touch of color to the environment and release pleasant fragrances, more intense than fresh flowers.

Indoor or outdoor planters in wrought iron or wood are also available to accommodate floral plant compositions. They can be of various shapes, from the ground, from the wall or even with wheels to be easily moved; they are ideal for those with a passion for gardening and prefer to cultivate their favorite flowers by themselves.

Artificial flowers are a valid alternative to fresh flowers: there are synthetic reproductions of every type of flower, so realistic that sometimes the touch is required to make sure that these are not real flowers.

Unlike fresh flowers, they do not dry out and do not require care, but they also embellish the environment.