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When autumn arrives, the trees are discovered and their leaves cover the soil of gardens and streets. Because picking up leaves is a tedious task, a blower can be very helpful. Its air projection pushes the leaves into a pile that will be easier to pick up. To facilitate the maintenance of your exterior, here you will find a wide selection of electric blowers that will easily peel wet leaves off the ground.

What are the different types of electric blowers?

The electric leaf blower is ideal for small areas and is perfect for cleaning the floor of your garden with autumn leaves. Because it is electric, it has the advantage of being easy to use: it requires a power outlet nearby and pressing the power button to trigger its start. Light and easy to handle, it will allow you to clear your garden in the greatest comfort. If you want to do without mains connection, opt for a wireless electric blower: the battery and charger can be included with the purchase and you will have more mobility on your workspace. Very practical for extra use, the wireless electric leaf blower will allow you a great freedom of maneuver. To optimize your action, take a look at the blower / vacuum cleaners that have a bag to collect the leaves. Some models even have the function of crusher, and their action is divided into three times: blowing and formation of the pile, suction of the leaves, then grinding.

What are the precautions for use?

Avoid pointing the blower nozzle at people or animals. Electric blowers can be very powerful and throw debris on the ground at a very high speed. If you are concerned about the neighborhood, opt for a silent device and save time. Wear a mask if the floor is dusty to protect your eyes from splashes.