Bed Bumpers

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A soft cot bumper is an essential accessory for the safety of your child. Easy to position and cheerful to see, it protects your little one from any impact against the bed rails. The cot bumpers are available in different models, colors and patterns, to perfectly adapt to a layette for boys or girls. And for older children, removable bed barriers provide the child with the necessary protection and prevent falls during sleep.

How to put cot bumpers

Most models of cot bumpers have practical laces, which make their positioning extremely simple. In fact, it is sufficient to tie them to the back and sides. Even the barriers for the beds of older children are very easy to assemble, thanks to simple mechanisms such as clips and support brackets, which allow them to be positioned and removed with a few gestures.

How to choose the cot bumper

- Choose a color that fits your baby's layette. Nice neutral shades are also available, perfect for both boys and girls

- Check the information on how to clean the cot bumper. Most models can be machine washed with cold water so as not to damage the padding

- If you are looking for a removable bed barrier, you may find the tilting models very comfortable, which disappear under the mattress during the day