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Until not too long ago, whenever we heard about the poufs, we put a strange face and thought that they were exotic elements that were only seen in some chill out terraces. However, thanks to its perfect blend of comfort, functionality and aesthetics, today, they are present in a large number of homes. And, thanks to these peculiar seats, it is possible to give a modern, colorful and different to the decoration and also enjoy maximum comfort when we sit on them. In this sense, thanks to the fills for poufs, they can last for many years without their structure being damaged. Undoubtedly, when combined with footrests and matching stools, they form really interesting and sophisticated seating sets.

How to clean puffs? How to cover poufs? What do you mean, puffs?

Cleaning a pouf is, in general, a fairly simple task. This is mainly because they are covered by a cover that, in most cases, can be inserted into the washing machine without any problem. Likewise, they also usually admit dry cleaning products, which simplifies the task even more. Therefore, it can be said that they are cleaned in the same way as cushions or pillows.

Lining a pouf is also very easy. In this sense, this type of seats have, inside, a kind of bag provided with zippers or similar opening systems. If, as a result of the use, they have lost part of their filling, it is enough to buy it separately and introduce it through the opening. Also, later, to give it a better appearance, it is usually placed a lining or cover of some color, which also usually has a closure as indicated above. You just have to enter one element into the other.

The expression "puff" comes from English and, literally, means "blow" in Spanish. This name is given to this type of seating due to the sound they make when a person sits on them. And, being filled with balls or pearls, usually polystyrene, tend to accumulate enough air inside. When they receive the weight of the user, it is evacuated causing a very characteristic sound.

How to choose poufs?

- Check its dimensions. There are poufs of many sizes. In fact, the biggest ones take up a lot of space. Therefore, check how much you have in your living room or in the place where you want to place it and check the technical file to check that it fits.

- With machine washable cover. This will save you a lot of effort whenever you have to clean it. Keep in mind that, as a result of sweat and use, this is often stained with regularity.

- That can be filled easily. It is not strange that, with the passage of time, the polystyrene pearls of the poufs lose consistency, which will cause them not to be so comfortable. If you choose a model that can be filled, for very little money, you can have it as new without having to buy another one.

- If it includes footrest, much better. A footrest is the best ally of a pouf. And, thanks to him, you will reach a level of comfort as you had never imagined.